We help you manage your records digitally.

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About Us MyDigiRecords

MyDigiRecords is a mission to help the vulnerable and the disadvantaged population by managing their documents digitally. Our team is headed by Dr. Saroj Gupta, who is a renowned Harvard Graduate and is someone who has a lot of experience in this field. She will continue to make sure that this grows and reaches everyone it can.

Easy Steps How does this app work?

iPhone Feature 01 illustration
iPhone Feature 01

Log Into The App

Login to your app account by simply entering your Name, your Date of Birth, and your Phone or your Email Address. An OTP will then be sent to the provided email/phone number.

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iPhone Feature 02

Get Your Digital Records

After you successfully log in, you will see all your digital certificates in a list. You can click on any certificate to get the certificate in a PDF. You will also be able to access a QR Code.

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iPhone Feature 04

Download & Share

You will be able to access a QR code of your digital certificate, you can share that certificate QR code or download it to use later.

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